Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Britain's Got Old People.

I'm usually not a fan of TV talent competitions, although I confess to watching the X Factor for three consecutive years. I'm also getting slowly caught up in the spell cast by Simon "shit-haircut-and-pussy-chest" Cowell that is Britain's Got Talent. It's shameful, but it doesn't matter too much because of who I am and what I'm part of.

Tonight's semi-final saw this old, head-nodding, cheesy, winking throwback woman called Jean. Jean plays a "rock 'n' roll" piano, taps her feet to her out of time playing, and smiles... She got through.......

Jean, in all her glittery, winky, false glory.


  1. I for one have decided to boycott BGT this year on account of it being a) bung and b) snesh.

    It angers me to the nucleus whenever I see the dregs parade about on stage, so just imagine how filled with rage I get when I have to go to work the next day and listen to people discuss the goombies and how talented they were.

    I mean...come on....Amanda bloody Holden judging a "talent" contest? Something has gone amiss.

    People will always chuck the "Yeah but Susan Boyle is fantastic!" thing in defence of the puss show....to which my rebuttal is thus "Everyone was just so dang surprised she wasn't an actual smackhead. Her voice is good, I can't deny that...but if she wasn't fugly and mad as a bag of smashed arseholes...would she have gotten anywhere?"

    My two cents.

  2. haha wow the way you describe it makes it sound pathetic. Cool blog, keep it going. Following.