Friday, 3 June 2011

Hackers Claim Another Attack On Sony

Hackers calling themselves Lulz Security  have hacked and stolen more than one million emails and passwords.

"LulzSec" have hacked into servers that run Sony have said they are aware of the statement and are looking into the claims. A little late for that, considering the data is already available for download online.

Just as Sony get round to apologizing after the April attacks, in which hackers stole information from over 77 million accounts, they are struck again with another massive security breach. Sony will likely see themselves having to apologize yet again though, since the data infringement has already been verified as true.
Since the much-publicized April attacks Sony have seen themselves become targets for hackers, Sony have confirmed 4 break-ins prior to the LulzSec attack in Sony Pictures.

LulzSec's subtle dig at Fox.
LulzSec are sure making a name for themselves outside of the usual hacking circles, taking credit for assaults on Sony Japan Music, Fox News and PBS in the last 23 days.

If these claims are to be true it will be a massive blow on Sony after just 24 hours ago they announced the PlayStation network will be fully working in the US and Europe they also said they have improved their security (lulz looks like they have failed on that one).

LulzSec released a pastebin'd statement on Thursday saying they had hacked into the database that included encrypted passwords as well as names, dates of births and addresses for Sony customers. The attacks were preceded by a warning tweet four hours beforehand.
"From a single injection we accessed EVERYTHING, why do you put such faith in a company that allows itself to become open to such simple attacks?" Asks one member.

"What's worse is that every bit of data we took wasn't encrypted. Sony stored over 1,000,000 in plain text, which means its just a matter of taking them."


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  2. Obvious maneuver on the part of Sony to put the blame of on an anonymous association. I can honestly say I'm disappointed in their nonchalance regarding the recent attack.

  3. @Krymore - They haven't... LulzSec have claimed (and since, proven) it was them. I think we're on the same wavelength though, so we'll say no more about it and be on our ways!

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